Quest Micro Maxx™ Complete Launch System - Q7702

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Newly re-designed to use the Micro Maxx™ Q2 initiators, the Micro Maxx™ Complete Launch System features a large sturdy launch pad, movable launch rod with Z-bend to accommodate varying rocket diameters, and special new initiator holders that secure the Micro Maxx™ Q2 initiator below your rocket. Allows for a perfect alignment of the initiator into the Micro Maxx™ motor nozzle.

Includes the Quest Model Rocket Launch Controller featuring a blinking LED arming safety light, an audible armed beeping alarm, and a deluxe safety key in a “sure grip” design. Requires one 9-volt alkaline, snap-top, battery for the Launch Controller (sold separately)

A must-have for all Micro Maxx™ enthusiasts!